Weistec 722.9 Torque Converter



This is the only upgraded torque converter for the AMG 722.9 transmission used in many AMG models (See Compatibility List Below). This lock-up style converter is completely redesigned by our engineers to have a 2500rpm stall speed. The higher stall speed results in improved take off and low speed acceleration, improving performance both on the street and at the track while maintaining factory drivability.

The 722.9 Torque Converter is computer designed and manufactured with machined billet internals to ensure quality and consistency. The result is an upgrade with benefits that improve the performance of every car, from the daily driver to the +1000HP race car.

In our thorough testing, we found that average 60 foot acceleration times dropped as much as 2 tenths of a second. It is well known in both the industry and among enthusiasts that any improvement in 60 foot times translates to even greater improvements in quarter mile times.

The Weistec Torque Converter upgrade works best with Weistec ECU tuning software, and is 100% compatible with factory electronics.

Please supply the VIN of the vehicle in which the converter will be installed

Key Features:

  • Computer Designed

  • CNC Machined Billet Stator

  • 2500 RPM stall speed

  • +1000HP capable

  • Reduced 60 foot times

  • Improved Low Speed (Around Town) Driving

  • Maintains Factory Drivability

  • Core Required