Fabspeed Ferrari California T Valvetronic Exhaust System



Enhance the exotic car roar of your California T with valves open, and retain a sophisticated level of tone with valves closed                                              

We were approached to craft an exhaust system for the California T that offers a significant increase in exhaust tone with valves open, without being obnoxious. Our Valvetronic exhaust system emits more of the raw Ferrari tone that you love without sacrificing liveability. With valves closed, the tone is very similar to factory. Once the valves open, experience an aggressive, throaty roar from the 3.9L.

  • Fits all Ferrari California T vehicles (2015+)


  • Does not trigger a Check Engine Light

  • Constructed from .065" thick high quality T304L stainless steel in house at Fabspeed

  • Noticeable improvement in exotic tone and throttle response

  • Removes 6 lbs from the rear of the vehicle

  • Direct replacement for the OEM muffler with no cutting or welding required

  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty