FabSpeed Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Cat Bypass Pipes



The Fabspeed Lamborghini SVJ Cat Bypass Pipes replace the factory super restrictive 600 CPSI catalytic converters resulting in improved exhaust flow and giving the car a much better exhaust note. These Cat Bypass pipes are recommended along with a ECU Tune to maximize efficiency and have the car operate correctly with reduced back pressure. 


  • Fits all Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (2018+) (Fits USA Cars Only)

  • Direct replacement simple bolt-on replacement primary cat bypass pipes that replace the 4 restrictive factory OEM 600 cell catalytic converters

  • Comes ready to install nothing else is needed to be purchased

  • Saves 14 pounds versus the OEM catalytic converters

  • Simple bolt-on and go

  • However you will have a Check Engine Light with a P420 and P430 code

  • Wake up the Beast and improve the Sports car sound and power from Fabspeed Motorsport USA

  • A ECU tune is highly recommended to maximize power and make the car operate better given greatly reduced back-pressure

  • Cat bypass pipes are strictly for “Off-Road Use Only" competition racing events on closed courses

  • NOT CARB certified

  • Purchaser installer is instructed to check with local automotive emissions laws in their area before purchasing and installing

DISCLAIMER: This product removes the OEM catalytic converters from the vehicle, and as such, is strictly intended for closed track events and off-road use only. Racing Cat Bypass Pipes are solely intended for track and race cars as they are NOT California Air Resources Board Certified and not EPA certified. You are hereby informed and warned to check your local, state, and federals laws before buying and installing these or any aftermarket parts to be sure whether usage is in violation. All installation-risk and use-risk is borne by the end-user and installer of these parts.