FabSpeed Porsche 993 Carrera Maxflo Performance Exhaust System



Loud and aggressive 993 performance exhaust system. Milder version of the 993 SUPERCUP OEM race exhaust. Replaces the restrictive, super heavy, 993 OEM factory mufflers with a free-flowing straight through resonated design. +15HP and sounds great for immediate grins.                        

Fabspeed’s Porsche 993 Supercup Exhaust System utilizes track-specific tuning to bring out aggressive sound and  maximum "cat-back 100% emission legal" performance for your Carrera.  Precision-made from T304L stainless steel, this exhaust will save 17 lbs. while adding 15 horsepower. Our engineers designed this exhaust to deliver its power at higher RPM ranges for ideal performance during track and motorsport events after sampling many factory Porsche 993 Supercup race cars from 1994 to 1997. Fabspeed engineering derived a tamer resonated BUT straight through system that fit all 993 non turbo cars Worldwide including 993RS, 993 RS Clkubsport and all 993 Supercup 3.8liter race cars. 

This exhaust installs easily as . direct raplacement bolt-on for the super heavy restrictive 993 mufflers tht CHOKE all 993 engines. WE cut these open to show you that there is horsepower left on the table. . Simply remove the old exhaust and bolt on this new component using the original ball-joint clamps. Included turndowns can be easily installed and removed in order to lower the exhaust volume when desired. As always, this component is backed by Fabspeed’s Lifetime Warranty. 


  • Fits all Porsche 993 Carrera cars worldwide including 993 RS, 993 RS Clubsport, 993 3.8L CUP Supercup.  (1994-1998)


  • Improves exhaust flow and sports car sound

  • Adds 15 whp greatly improving throttle response 

  • Saves 17 bs 7.7 KG from rear of car- for much better inertial handling. 

  • Optimized for use at high-RPM during track and motorsport events

  • Complete T304L stainless steel construction; 14-16ga CNC mandrel-bent 2.25” tubing

  • Direct replacement for all normally aspirated non turbo 993 factory mufflers or aftermarket style 993 mufflers.

  • CAT-BACK emissions legal. Installs after the OEM catalytic converters. 

  • Includes removable 90 degree turndowns that are “easy on & easy off” for lowering the exhaust volume when desired

  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty

  • Sound solution not included. 

  • Recommended 2nd UPGRADE Fabspeed 993 X pipe in either HJS sport cat or catbypass pipes for maximum power and superlative sports car sound.  

  • INSTALLATION NOTE: The original factory Porsche 993 ball-joint clamps and cast rings will be re-used when installing Fabspeed exhaust products on all 993 Carrera vehicles. Its that simple to wake her up.