Fabspeed Porsche 997 GT3 / GT3 RS Catback Competition Race X-Pipe (2006-2009)



The ultimate lightweight Competition Inspired cat-back exhaust system for the 997 GT3 / GT3 RS saves 54lbs /24kg  off the rear of the vehicle and is perfect for competitive track use, high performance drivers education events, or aggressive street sound.   100% emissions legal.                                                                      


  • Fits all Porsche 997 GT3 / GT3 RS models (2006-2009)

  • Perfect exhaust solution for maximum performance and sound during competitive track use, high performance drivers education events, or simply achieving an aggressive and exciting street sound. Aggressive CUP CAR sports car sound while being 100% emissions legal as OEM catalytic converters are not touched. 

  • Saves over 54lbs -24kg from the rear of the 997.2 GT3 which drastically improves handling and acceleration by replacing the bulky restrictive factory center muffler and both side mufflers.

  • Engineered and manufactured with 3" ,76mm T304L stainless steel tubing with integral tuned center X-Pipe to 70mm outlets. 

  • The rear center slip on X pipe is crucial for maximum torque/ horsepower and tying both sides of the big flat six together. The X pipe gives superlative sportcar sound that is dynamic, high pitched, and intoxicating.

  • Bolt-on installation' no cutting or welding required.

  • Designed to bolt on to OEM Porsche headers, Fabspeed HJS German 200CPSI catted headers or Fabspeed Motorsport Burns stainless Competition headers. 

  • Premium tip options of round angle cut 4" 102mm Carbon Fiber Tips or polished or brushed stainless Steel Brushed Tips.

  • Includes two (2) 90 degree Turndown Outlet tips for track use. Simply slide on the 90 degree turn downs to reduce loudness by approximately 3 DB. 

  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by Fabspeed's Lifetime Warranty- street and Race track usage covered. 

  • Not covered by Sound Solutions Warranty.

NOTE: This is a muffler bypass, straight pipe exhaust system that is racing oriented and built to save maximum weight from the rearmost area of a GT3 and make power. As a result, the sound volume level inside the vehicle is very exciting CUP CAR inspired and aggressive. Spine-tingling awesomeness.