VF Engineering Lamborghini Gallardo Supercharger (09-14)


VF Engineering

Lamborghini Gallardo

5.2 L V10

2009 - 2015  All Coupe/ Spyder

All Special and Limited Editions: Superleggera, Squadra Corse, Tricolore etc.


The VF760 Gallardo supercharger system, is a bolt on roots supercharger system which adds 200hp and 200lbs of torque to the 5.2L V10 Gallardo (FSI engine). Compatible for all Lamborghini Gallardo models 2009-14 worldwide. The system utilizes Magnuson TVS2300 EATON style roots blower with an air to water after cooling system, for optimal intake air temperatures under daily and performance driving conditions.

Gallardo VF760 Supercharger

Factory Power: 560HP / 400TQ

Supercharged: 760HP / 600TQ

Built in the USA!