VF Engineering Mercedes AMG S63 ECU Tuning Software


VF Engineering


tune amg s63 engine
AMG S 63 (C217) 
4.0 L V8 Twin Turbo M177
2018 - Present 

Expertly calibrated and meticulously refined, HEX Tuning’s ECU software for the Mercedes-Benz AMG S63 is guaranteed to give you MORE of a good thing. More horsepower, more torque, and a more exhilarating driving experience by delivering usable power through improved throttle response and torque management. With additional ft. lbs. of torque through the mid range, acceleration out of your favorite corner and onto the straight is noticeably quicker throughout the rev range.

Stage ONE
Speed limiter removed
Improved throttle response
Stage TWO
Speed limiter removed
Improved throttle response  
Require aftermarket downpipes
Coming Soon

Peak Gains: WHP and WTQ
MAX Gains: Coming Soon


Please contact sales@vf-engineering.com for the closest HEX Tuning dealer near you

1. Buy HEX Tuning Product (HEX Flash cable included)

2. Download HEX Flash Program

3. Use the HEX Flash cable to read and identify your software version

4. Send in the read and wait 24-48hrs for your Tuned file

5. Flash your car and have fun!

*some software versions may need more than 48hrs to process