VF Engineering Porshe 911 Carrera 997.2 Supercharger (09-12)


VF Engineering

Designation: Porsche 911 Carrera (997.2)

 2009-2012 3.6L and 3.8L (Manual / PDK Clutch)
 3.6L Carrera, Carrera 4, Targa 4
 3.8L Carrera S, Carrera 4S, Targa 4S, GTS

Engine Size Factory Power Supercharged
3.6L 345 hp / 288 tq 460 hp / 370 tq
3.8L  385 hp / 310 tq 500 hp / 390 tq
3.8L GTS 408 hp/ 310 tq 520 hp / 390 tq

In 2009 the new generation 911 Carrera 997.2 was released with a revised direct fuel injection "DFI" engine. Expanding on our successful Porsche 996 and 997.1 supercharger system, the 997.2 system was redeveloped to take advantage of the updated fuel system while staying true to VF Engineering's core belief of delivering a joyful user experience through daily driveability with out compromising reliability of your vehicle.

Utilizing the Vortech V3 Supercharger our system is able to deliver linear power to redline resulting in a gain of 125+ crank horse power.

The VF-Engineering designers set about designing the billet supercharger mounting bracket with CAD software creating solid models of parts to be CNC manufactured. The bracket was designed to utilize OEM bolt patterns and requires no alteration or relocation of any engine parts to be fitted. Made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum the bracket mounts to factory machined surface points on the aluminum engine block for a precision fit.

A V3 model SCi-Trim Vortech Engineering supercharger unit was chosen after consultation with Vortech engineers and matching the engine’s volumetric efficiency with supercharger compressor maps. The V3 unit contains helical-cut gears for super quiet performance – virtually silent with the engine compartment lid closed. The V3 supercharger has a 20psi and 1000cfm maximum capacity and is an over-engineered part for this Porsche application which is geared to produce a conservative 6psi in the engine’s intake  manifold.


The fastidious design of the supercharger bracket, positions the belt driven supercharger to maintain use of the OEM spring loaded belt tensioner. The serpentine belt routing was designed to maintain the correct rotation of all the accessories and maintain optimal pulley wrap for maximum friction.


The Vortech  air to water intercooler (charge cooler) was integrated into the tight fit engine bay as means of reducing charged induction (boost) temperatures. Lower charge temperatures promote engine safety by reducing knock and improving the quality of the combustion cycle. Air charge (boost) from the supercharger is directed through the chargecooler core before entering the throttle body. The cooler core contains isolated channels circulating with water from a separate self contained system cooled by its own radiator. VF-Engineering integrated a Porsche OEM front radiator and front bumper vents into the kit. Water is circulated by means of an added OEM Bosch water pump through OEM Good Year water lines. Intake air temperatures in the manifold were measured to be approx 140 deg F even with ‘spirited’ driving at 118 deg F ambient temperatures in Arizona desert conditions mid-Summer. This dramatic drop in charge temperature helps the 997 create consistent power. For added safety the chargecooler is designed to perform continuously whilst the ignition is on.