Weistec M159 ECU Tune



When it comes to upgrading the 6.2L M159 engine that powers the SLS Black Series, no one does it better than Weistec Engineering. Our SLS Black Series ECU upgrade provides peak gains of nearly 30hp at the wheels as well as improving the engine's long power band on an otherwise stock car.

CARB EO# D-691-3

When our SLS Black Series ECU upgrade is paired with long tube headers, peak gains are nearly 80hp at the wheels with substantial gains throughout the entire power band and improved throttle response.

600 WHP, SLS Black Series Dyno, Weistec Tune and Headers on 91 Octane!


We have created a strong yet reliable tuning solution that utilizes the same calibration technology that has been applied to our Supercharger System. With a keen understanding for optimal running conditions for the SLS Black Series, we have revised many features of the ECU which creates up to an astounding 600 horsepower to the wheels on 91 octane!

Key Features:

  • Eliminate Top Speed Limiter

  • Increased Throttle Response

  • Optimized Fuel and Spark

  • Smooth Factory Power Curves

*Power gains vary based on model, modifications, fuel, and running conditions.




W1 Power Gains

W2 Power Gains