Weistec M113K Connecting Rods



Our billet rods are designed as a replacement for the OEM pistons and rods in the 5.5L M113K V8 AMG engine. The billet rods, which are of a stronger material and design than the original rods, are capable of supporting much higher power levels than the factory rods. This is important when trying to get as much power as possible out of the M113K engine.  The last thing you want is an OEM rod to fail while accelerating on the track.  Not only is it a safey hazard, but a failed rod also typically destroys the engine block as well, resulting is a very costly repair to get your vehicle back up and running.


Key Features:

  • Set of 8 Billet Connecting Rods

  • High Strength/Quality Design and Construction

  • Increased Power Capacity

  • ARP Rod Bolts 


It is strongly recommended that only an experienced engine builder install our pistons and rods  No tech support will be offered for installation of rods and pistons other than information regarding the orientation of the rods and pistons.  Ring gapping and cylinder bore preparation information will not be provided.