Weistec Gen 4 Supercharger Upgrade



* Allow 5-6 weeks for orders to be shipped.  Supercharger systems are made to order.

Improved efficiency and reduced Intake Air Temperatures

Weistec Stage 3 Gen 4 Supercharger Upgrade is only for those upgrading their Stage 3 Gen 2/3 unit to a Stage 3 Gen 4 unit.  All supporting modifications/part are not included.  This is just a replacement supercharger unit.

 *Product may not be emissions compliant. Check local laws prior to installation. 

Key Features:

  • 3.0L Twin-Screw Compressor Module Why Twin-Screw?

  • Updated Rotor Design

  • Updated Rotor Housing

  • More Power

  • All New 3/5 Rotors

  • New Updated Rotor Profile

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Higher RPM

  • Higher Pressure Ratios

  • Increased Rotor Filling

  • Decreased Turbulence

  • Reduced IAT's

 *Power and IAT's will vary depending on operating conditions, other modifications, and weather conditions.